Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ellensburg #39 Lodge Officer Installation photos - 1965 and 2015!

Separated by 50 years, the lodge looks very similar in these two photos..

That is by design, we staged the second photo, the actual installation of officers in the fall of 2014 to look as much like the picture taken in the fall of 1964 as possible.  The postures of the officers, the deacon's rod leaning in the doorway to the left and even the people having a conversation in the doorway.

We found the old photo in the Fred Breckon colletion.  What a jewel.

The Tyler's register from that installation ceremony still exists and a photo of it is below:

The register helps to figure out who the men in the photo are... and this was written on the back of the actual photo:

It seems strange, to me at least, that the first position from the left is blank.  That chair is usually occupied by the Brother to be installed as Master for the next year, and that person is in fact wearing the Master's Jewel of Office:

WB Jack Burrows - Master 1965.
Jack passed away a few years ago, but I did get to meet him and talk to him.  He maintained his membership after moving to Seattle and now and then drove over for a lodge meeting when the weather was favorable.

Jack is probably wearing the same officer's jewel that the current master wears.

One other thing that has not changed...  The Lodge Bible:

This is a recent photo of the title page of the Lodge Bible.  It was donated to the Lodge by Erich A. Brattkus - Master of the Lodge in 1950

The men seated in this photo, from left are Marc Thompson, Chris Beyer, Nick Henderson, Wayne Erickson, Patrick Stanton, Austin Marshall, Bob Johnson, Ron Graham, Tedd Hansen, Scott Randall and Andrew Caveness.

Barely visible in the doorway are Aaron Carlton (#39) and Kyle Nickolson (WM of CleElum #139)

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