Sunday, March 22, 2015

The History of Ellensburg Lodge #39 F&AM of Washington

This little blog is an attempt to gather and consolidate the historical information relating to the Lodge.  Mostly the members.  The Lodge is really the people, the building is termed the Masonic Temple.

The true website for Ellensburg #39 can be found here:

 Here are a few other pictures of this historic building:
Knights Templar in front in 1909

This picture seems to have been taken in the 1960s

This picture seems to have been taken in the 1980s

Calling card........

This is a drawing of the first Masonic Temple in Ellensburg.
 It was on the corner of 4th and and Pine.  
It was completed in April of 1889 - just in time to
burn to the ground in the July 4th, 1889 fire that leveled most of Ellensburgh.

This picture is striking visually, of course, but if you know the background history it tells a more profound story.  

How did this group of 20 or so men get the money together to build a two story brick building, and how did they feel looking at the burnt-out shell?  

The fact that they built the building, and quickly rebuilt the current building speaks to the importance that these men placed on their masonic membership.

For a more detailed discussion of the history of the buildings the Lodge has called home, click here to go to the #39 website.

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