Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Rennovation of the retail space - Previously a health food store for 60 years.

 We were fortunate to obtain a grant from the State of Washington to renovate the first story of out historic building.  It had been rented to a retail health food store for about 60 years.  The owner of the store had told us he was going to retire an not renew the lease.

The Ellensburg Masonic Temple in the 1980's

A picture from about 2004

So, we waited for the tenants to vacate and we were greeted with this:

What a disaster.  The thing is, if there was a damage deposit it was paid in the 1960s and was probably $100 or so.  The contract stated that everything left behind from the tenant reverted to the building owner.

So, we had several work 'parties' and took 12 truckloads of debris and cardboard to the landfill or recycling center.

This one is me, eating a doughnut.  I was working before and after this picture.

Next, clearing false ceilings, displays, a walk-in cooler, refrigeration equipment, extra floor coverings and really anything we could do before we got to the part where we had to pay a contractor.  Everything we could do to save money and extend the grant as far as it can go.

We still had all of the normal lodge stuff going on upstairs.  This includes degrees for new members and a funeral for our oldest member.  We was 104 and a 73 year member of the lodge.

So, it has all been fairly busy....  But now, some real progress.  The building was built in 1890 and there were no drawings on file anywhere.  So first we needed some as-builts.  Then an architect to draw a few options.

All of this stuff took from April of 2021 to about July of 2022.  We had done all that we were able to do.  We had to get proposals and select a contractor.  They would take it from here.  Finally....  Time to go!

The first step was repair to the interior masonry or brick walls



 Then framing of new supporting walls and new interior walls to create the ADA bathroom on one side:

A few adjustments to doors, one will be the entrance to the second ADA bathroom (cutting out the doorway wider).

Next is some, well really more than some, electrical work.  Old panel out, two new panels in, and running all new conduit and wiring to code.

Electrical work continues, HVAC and wall patching is happening as well.

The Ellensburg Masonic Temple in 1909