Sunday, March 22, 2015

The History of Ellensburg Lodge #39 F&AM of Washington

This little blog is an attempt to gather and consolidate the historical information relating to the Lodge.  Mostly the members.  The Lodge is really the people, the building is termed the Masonic Temple.

The true website for Ellensburg #39 can be found here:

 Here are a few other pictures of this historic building:
Knights Templar in front in 1909

This picture seems to have been taken in the 1960s

This picture seems to have been taken in the 1980s

Calling card........

This is a drawing of the first Masonic Temple in Ellensburg.
 It was on the corner of 4th and and Pine.  
It was completed in April of 1889 - just in time to
burn to the ground in the July 4th, 1889 fire that leveled most of Ellensburgh.

This picture is striking visually, of course, but if you know the background history it tells a more profound story.  

How did this group of 20 or so men get the money together to build a two story brick building, and how did they feel looking at the burnt-out shell?  

The fact that they built the building, and quickly rebuilt the current building speaks to the importance that these men placed on their masonic membership.

For a more detailed discussion of the history of the buildings the Lodge has called home, click here to go to the #39 website.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ellensburg #39 Lodge Officer Installation photos - 1965 and 2015!

Separated by 50 years, the lodge looks very similar in these two photos..

That is by design, we staged the second photo, the actual installation of officers in the fall of 2014 to look as much like the picture taken in the fall of 1964 as possible.  The postures of the officers, the deacon's rod leaning in the doorway to the left and even the people having a conversation in the doorway.

We found the old photo in the Fred Breckon colletion.  What a jewel.

The Tyler's register from that installation ceremony still exists and a photo of it is below:

The register helps to figure out who the men in the photo are... and this was written on the back of the actual photo:

It seems strange, to me at least, that the first position from the left is blank.  That chair is usually occupied by the Brother to be installed as Master for the next year, and that person is in fact wearing the Master's Jewel of Office:

WB Jack Burrows - Master 1965.
Jack passed away a few years ago, but I did get to meet him and talk to him.  He maintained his membership after moving to Seattle and now and then drove over for a lodge meeting when the weather was favorable.

Jack is probably wearing the same officer's jewel that the current master wears.

One other thing that has not changed...  The Lodge Bible:

This is a recent photo of the title page of the Lodge Bible.  It was donated to the Lodge by Erich A. Brattkus - Master of the Lodge in 1950

The men seated in this photo, from left are Marc Thompson, Chris Beyer, Nick Henderson, Wayne Erickson, Patrick Stanton, Austin Marshall, Bob Johnson, Ron Graham, Tedd Hansen, Scott Randall and Andrew Caveness.

Barely visible in the doorway are Aaron Carlton (#39) and Kyle Nickolson (WM of CleElum #139)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Timing Is Everything - or - The final payment on the building that burned....

In my digging around in the Lodge Safe, this funny little receipt kept falling out and I kept putting it back in the little shelf it seemingly had sat on since 1889.  Then one day I looked carefully at it - and decided to frame it.

Probably the first time I saw it I thought - "how cool - 1889!"  "I wonder why they kept it, or even if it was kept on purpose."

Then I looked carefully at the date.  And by now I knew a lot more about the history of Ellensburg #39.  By the way, it says 'Ellensburgh' with an H and 'W.T.' as in Washington Territory.

It is a receipt from the Masonic Building Committee for the Balance due on  Masonic Temple Construction, $1,169.

It was signed by a Mr. Geddis as Bondsman for (something i can't make out.)  Geddis was an important builder in town and we still have a section called the Geddis Block.
By the way, $1,169 in 1889 would be approximately $30,000 today, adjusted for inflation.  And this payment represented the balance due, the final payment.

The significance of the date is that June 26th, 1889 was eight days before the July 4th, 1889 fire that leveled the town of Ellensburg, and the newly paid for Temple!
And from the other pieces of information that we have, no fire insurance was in force.  A brother was assigned the task to obtain two policies - this is in the minutes, but no money ever showed up.

I guess the lodge had to bear it.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Past Masters of Ellensburg Lodge #39

Listed Below are the Past Masters of Ellensburg Lodge #39

There is a link for further expanded information that is currently known for each of these members who served the Lodge as Master.

Braxton Duncan (B.D.) Southern  - 1883
Samuel Tate Packwood - 1884
Samuel Clinton Davidson - 1885
Samuel Tate Packwood - 1886

Samuel Clinton Davidson - 1887

John Peter Sharp - 1888, 1889

Mitchell Gilliam -  1890

William McGuire - 1891


Martin Cameron - 1892


Howard M. Baldwin - 1893


Dr. Benjamin S. Scott - 1895, 1896

Dexter Shoudy -1897

John Peter Sharp - 1898, 1899


Frank N. McCandless - 1900, 1901, 1902

John E. Veach - 1903


J. H. Scott - 1904

Howard M. Baldwin - 1905

Harry W. Eldred - 1906

John A. Patchett - 1907, 1908, 1909

William Albert Steinman - 1912
Abraham Lincoln Kreidel - 1913

D. L. Jenkins - 1914

John N. Faust - 1915

Frank Crimp - 1916

Jay A. Whitfield - 1917


Fred P. Wolff - 1918

Chester C. Churchill (center)  - 1919

E. Eugene Henderson - 1920
Kenneth J. Larimer - 1921

L. A. Jungst - 1922
Arthur McGuire - 1923

Arthur Sorenson - 1926

John T. Honeycutt (left) -  1927

James M. Snowden - 1928

Archie Crim - 1930

Ben J. McDonald - 1931

E. C. McMechan -1932

John A. McCune - 1933

James Chalmer Sterling - 1934


Lloyd R. Fulton - 1935


Ellis T. Bramlett - 1937
Amasa Eugene Fulton - 1936

Charles E. Culp (left) - 1938

Herman G. Turner - 1939

John Albert Shaw - 1940

Andy Hugo Gustafson - 1942

John W. Bilbie - 1943
George P. Williams - 1944

R. I. Marsh - 1945
Henry Eugene George - 1946
John E. McKnight - 1947


Theo O. Evanson - 1948

Wilfred F. Baker - 1949


Erich Arthur Brattkus - 1950
John Fremont Breckon (left) - 1951

Albert A. Hanneman - 1952

John Donald McCullough - 1953


Arthur M. Gregory - 1954

Harrel J. Shull - 1955


Willis William Sheckler - 1957
Hiram H. Colburn - 1958
N. Harold Sorenson - 1959

Howard Henry Thomas - 1960

Robert James Johnston - 1961


James Richard DeVries - 1962

Edward Lawrence Sullivan - 1963


Jack Morgan Burrows - 1965

Glen Alvin Hartman -1966

Lawrence Harold Stewart - 1968
Donald Paul Cotton - 1967

James Hugh Tatum - 1970


Robert Benson Leahy - 1971


    James F. Hunter - 1972


    Wallace Wayne Hoover - 1975

Hiram H. Colburn - 1976

Warren Orville Kidder - 1977

Larry C. Helms - 1978

Henry Robert Stampf Jr. -  1979   



    William Victor Cory Jr. - 1980
    Vernon Lee LaBay - 1981


  Harold Wayne Grissom -  1982  
    Edward Alexander Kiesz - 1983


Vernon Lee LaBay - 1984   
Edward Lawrence Sullivan - 1985
Andrew James Olson - 1986   

Alfred Loscoe Taylor - 1987


Harold Webster Jenkins - 1988

Ben Batchelor Johnson - 1989

Alfred Loscoe Taylor - 1990

Richard Lee Denner - 1991





               Donald Emil Sorenson     1992
Frank William Phelps Sr. 1993
               Charles William Elkins      1994
               Carl George Christensen                1995
               Andrew James Olson       1996
               Neil James Leibly              1997
               Charles William Elkins      1998

Alfred Loscoe Taylor - 1999


       Andrew James Olson       2000

Ronald D. Elkins - 2001


               Neil James Leibly              2002


Robert Earl Crosier - 2004
Gregory Michael Julian Maes - 2003

Nicholas Charles Henderson - 2005, 2006

Tedd Robert Hansen - 2007

Patrick Casey Stanton - 2008

Nathan A. Hill - 2009


Gregory Michael Julian Maes - 2010
Christopher Marco Thompson - 2011

Jeffrey Sherman Bartow - 2012

Tedd Robert Hansen - 2013

Ronald Patrick Graham - 2014

Marco Thompson - 2015 and 2016


Scott Randall - 2017

2018 - Austin Marshall

So Mote It BE!

This is a picture of a chart that has hung in the Ellensburg Temple as long as anyone can remember.