Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mark Book - Ellensburg Royal Arch Chapter 11 - From 1915 to present

This book is in the possession of the Ellensburg York Rite and has been since roughly 1915
What is a Mason's Mark?

The link to wikipedia above gives a good explanation, but basically a stone mason would have his own mark.  This mark he would engrave on each stone he cut and laid.  This was for two purposes, quality assurance and because the mark was proof of work performed, for payment.

Here is a picture of a 12th century Mason's Mark:

In Freemasonry, there is a specific York Rite degree called Mark Master.  At the end of this degree the candidate chooses his own mark and records it in the book along with the date that he was made a Mark Master.

Here are some of those marks dating from 1915 to present:



military insignia

cattle brand?

47th problem of Euclid

standard masonic image

coal miner!

very nice


these are standard coded masonic images

very curious...  I have no idea

college fraternity?

Standard image in a masonic lodge, see Ron Graham's Mark below.

Anker = Anchor

clearly a minimalist

masonic code

I can't make this out, but it seems like a pharmacist



play on last name

Lazy RJ - cattle brand or maybe nickname

cattle brand - or maybe hobby


computer screen prompt, old school

no idea

standard masonic image

electrical engineer?


This one gave me pause, but it was in 1920 - prior to WWII and the swastika has a very old and nearly global history as a symbol of good luck.

Initials, but seemingly mathematical.....
I don't want anyone here to feel bad, but the two below are from the Scottish Rite Library collection:

What is the point of all of this?  Well maybe to demonstrate that this is a diverse group of men.  Men of all walks of life and interests meeting as equals.

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