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32) Emanuel Zabastian Kreidel - Master - 1925

This is a work in process; the following information has been gathered so far:

E.Z. was a dentist, in several cities as this article from the Seattle times explains:

13 Jun 1965 Seattle Times p. 34
Dentist Who ‘Can’t Retire’ Works at 82

In case you had doubts about the dentist’ lot improving, talk with Dr. E.Z. Kreidel, 82, who is beginning his 61st year of practice here.

Dr. Kreidel recalls when teeth were pulled without anesthetic, and the speed of the drill depended on how fast the dentist could pedal.

“ When I first started practicing in 1905 in Ellensburg, if a man needed a tooth pulled all I could do was take a pair of forceps and pull it.,” the dentist remembers.  “ And to run the drill, I had to pedal on a treadle the same time that I drilled.”  “ I had the first X-ray machine in the state in Ellensburg,” Dr. Kreidel said.

Dr. Kreidel practices—“I’ve tried to retire and can’t”—in an office near the Pike Place Market.  He is an avid supporter of the market.  “ I don’t think it should be changed at all,” he said.

Dr. Kreidel was born in a home at Fourth Avenue and Pike Street. His father operated a business in Seattle and later moved to Ellensburg.  After attending dental school, Dr. Kreidel practiced in Ellensburg, Cle Elum, Spokane and Lake City before opening offices in Seattle 13 years ago.

The dentist said he works a full week on occasion despite his doctor’s orders to take it easy.  “ But I try to limit my work to Thursdays and Fridays and a halfday on Saturday,” he said. “I’ve got to keep busy.”

 One more Obit - From Seattle Times:

4 Oct 1966 Seattle Times

Dr. Emanuel Z. Kreidel

Funeral services for Dr. Emanuel Zebastian Kreidel, 168 Boston St., will be held at 11 o’clock tomorrow in the Arthur A. Wright & Son Queen Anne chapel, with burial in Hills of Eternity. He died yesterday. He would have been 83 today.

Dr. Kreidel, whose dental office was at First Avenue and Pike Street, was born in Seattle. His father, Samuel Kreidel, was mayor of Ellensburg more than 30 years. Dr. Kreidel was graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Dental School. He returned to Seattle in 1951, coming here from Cle Elum.

Dr. Kreidel was a 50-year member of the Masons of Ellensburg and a member of the Spokane Consistory and the Nile Temple of the Shrine.
No members of his immediate family survive.

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